1. Yesterday the NBA announced the BOGs voted to keep the Sacramento Kings in Sacramento. I think you could hear the 916 letting out a collective sigh of relief then celebrating once NBA Commissioner David Stern made it official. Yesterday was a great day for Northern California. 

    Not only was it a great for Northern California, it was also a great day in Chicago based office. On Tuesday I sent an email to all my co-workers asking them to dress in Purple on Wednesday to support the Kings. I sent the email half-jokingly to have some fun during our slower summer work schedule. I was planning on wearing purple to work no matter who planned to join in. But, to my surprise and my enjoyment, nearly all my co-workers dressed in Purple! 

    In addition to dressing in Kings colors, they also decorated my desk too. When I got to work, my space was covered in crowns and purple balloons with “Don’t Leave Kings!” and “Stay In Sac!” written on them. Through out the day my co-workers asked for hourly updates on the meeting, seeming genuinely excited about the outcome. Many of us wore crowns throughout the day. Before the announcement was made we took a photo to commemorate the day and to show that the love for the Kings extends beyond Sacramento.

    I am truly touched that my co-workers agreed to dress in purple for the day and support the Kings. Many of them don’t enjoy watching basketball or can name a single Kings player (past or present). It seems kind of insignificant (coordinated colors on one day) when you really think about, but my co-workers know the (nearing unhealthy) obsession I have with my Kings. They know that the Kings are the only professional sports franchise in town. And they get that this team is one of the ways I identify with home. More importantly, I think they all see that this is bigger than basketball.